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This is phase 1 of 11 to get Scotty’s Rescue Centre Built. We are doing it in phases for 2 reasons, the 1st is this is a very large project and we want to be able to start building as soon as possible and also so you are able to watch the progression and follow along as we help these women and their babies.

“Have you ever been a part of helping to save a life? Have you ever wondered how you can help change the world? Now you don’t have to wonder anymore. You are invited to help build a Rescue Centre for Women, their babies and children living not he streets of Nairobi.” These women and children are at a very high risk of exploitation, rape, beatings, starvation or jail, they need our help!

We need to build a fence to protect our water well and our C-can container we have coming from Canada. The fence will keep these safe from wandering cows and goats as well as keep our container full of amazing items to fill Scotty’s safe from harms way.

Scotty’s will be completely 100% self sustainable, we will sell our water to the neighbours within the community, have solar panels for electricity, have goats and chickens which will not only feed the children we can also sell the milk from the goats. We have our drawings and blueprints from the architect which include the following rooms, girls dorm, boys dorm, nursery, library, dining hall, kitchen, common room, volunteer housing and bathrooms for all of the dorms and nursery.


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Gold: A plaque with your name will be mounted next to the office doors | Give $5k+

Silver: A plaque with your name will be mounted next to one of the dormitory rooms | Give $3k+

Bronze: Social media recognition and a sponsor on our website | Give $2k+

September 2019 to September 2020

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Street Rescues
Sanitary Pads

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