Most affordable fees – our fees are truly the most affordable volunteer fees for volunteers coming to Kenya. Our fees also include the City Excursion, which is a day out and about and adjusting to Kenya before you start your volunteering program.

Superior support – our local team in Kenya will ensure you feel supported every step of the way – from planning to volunteering to feeling safe, and appreciated for all that you are doing at all times.

Responsible projects – our board have hand picked our placements and have visited each one to make sure they are registered properly and are following our BACM guidelines at all times.

Safety-first – volunteer safety is priority for BACM and just as you have to provide a Criminal Background Check so do our placements and homestay, so you can feel confident and safe at all times.

Make new friends – you can and will make new friendships that will last your lifetime.

Weekend adventures – on all of our projects you will have your weekends free to explore the magical beauty of Kenya, and there is lots to explore!

I highly recommend anyone considering reaching out to this type of organization, to consider BACM. Consider them for their outreach, for their ability to lay a foundation for the future, and most of all for their genuine love of the people they serve.

~ Terri Moore