My first assignment volunteering is at an amazing children’s home and I’ve experienced so much in so little time.
This orphanage has almost a 100 orphans and they run the place like a true dream! I was ecstatic while being given the tour to see how self sustainable they continuously work to be. First they have multiple cows, which help provide all of the milk for the food, volunteers, staff, and children. They use the cow manure to provide methane gas for the facility and have a huge water well that supplies them with water. Then, they have two large greenhouses as well as gardens all throughout the property helping supply fresh vegetables for the kitchen. It’s so nice to see what land can produce when utilized properly. Kenya does such a great job of that, there is food growing everywhere!
The kids are separated by boys and girls dorms and each have their own bed! A thing that some of these kids can say they have never have. I am able to help teach in the classrooms and am so heartened to know that these children are getting a great education – a chance to succeed. Every child in Kenya has to buy a uniform for school and every school has a different uniform, making it very hard to keep up with the cost of school if poverty has stricken or schools change.
The children are so independent and are being taught such great life lessons, most of which I didn’t know and may still not! In a lot of situations with these children, they’ve had to be the parent no matter how young they are, but here they get to be a child, be able to play, and have the stress taken off of them of when or what their next meal will be. We take for granted having food readily available, at every corner, in a blink of an eye. It takes a lot to realize that their are so many children rummaging for their next meal just to try and stay alive.
I’m fortunate to be a part of a place that does not let that starvation nightmare become a reality for these orphans and gives them a full belly, an education, and the chance to actually be a child.