The Because ALL Children Matter Story

Deanne Berarducci knew she always wanted to work and volunteer with children in need. In 2012 she left her small Canadian hometown and made the decision to explore the world. For the next 6 years she found herself volunteering in Vietnam, Nepal. Ecuador and the Philippines. In 2018 she traveled to Kenya and instantly knew her childhood dream was about to come true; Kenya would become her new home. Within the year she made the 8,701 mile move from her native land and started her new life abroad. Immediately Deanne went to work. She traveled from city to city volunteering in special needs schools, and orphanages.

She gave aid to the homeless, children living on the streets, children who craved education and children who needed medical attention. Not only did Deanne assist children in need, but she gave her time in helping the volunteers she met along the way. For many years Deanne was encouraged to start her own volunteer organization. However, because it is the hands-on experience that she craves, Deanne did not seriously entertain the idea.

She did not want anything to get in the way of her time with the children. But deep down, she knew there was a need for an organisation that could meet her vision. Eventually it would take meeting the right people for Deanne to change her mind, with a little pressure and support from Johnson and Ginger, Deanne chose to start Because ALL Children Matter, a Non-Government Organisation (Non profit).

Each board member of Because ALL Children Matter is a volunteer and friend that Deanne has met through her journey around the world. This unique international team of volunteers share the same passion and vision as Deanne and is determined to support the mission of Because ALL Children Matter and its success.