Speaking up is the easy part!

My time in Maasai land has come to an end and what an adventure it has been. It was the hardest assignment thus far but ultimately the most rewarding and impactful. I've realized a lot of things and I'm still processing others, as always.  Something that has been engrained in me deeply is advocacy. Whole-hearted

Reality hit me in Maasai Land!

Volunteering has shifted into another phase and what an experience it has been! I got the opportunity to live in Maasai land with their tribe on a compound and teach 4th grade at the local Maasai school. It puts my first world life into a crazy perspective! No running water, no toilets, no electricity, no

My 1st Assignment in Kenya!

My first assignment volunteering is at an amazing children’s home and I’ve experienced so much in so little time. This orphanage has almost a 100 orphans and they run the place like a true dream! I was ecstatic while being given the tour to see how self sustainable they continuously work to be. First they

9 years old and raped by her uncle!

But this isn’t just a story about her it’s a story about her and her 3 siblings! They are 12, 9, 7 and 5 years old. Their dad abandoned them and left them with their mother, which would be okay, but their mother is an alcoholic, who disappears for days at time. She needs real

Changes in Kenya!

Kenya has changed the rules for Visa Applications to enter the country.  You are no longer able to get a visa upon arrival, you must apply for one online and get your approval that way.  This has taken affect January 1, 2021. We will gladly help you through the process of applying for your visa

We are 1 year old today!

When I think back over the past year and how I was against having an NGO I can actually laugh out loud.  I feel proud of our amazing board members located all over the globe and in Kenya, I am very thankful to them all for all of their support and how they each contribute

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