Justice…at what cost?

They say that children are resilient and are a lot stronger than adults know, today I learned first hand that this is very true. I was nervous for today and had been worrying about it for over a week, but this day and child taught me that it isn’t about how I am feeling or

Learning so much!

It's been almost a week since my arrival in Nairobi, Kenya and its been astounding! I am currently volunteering at Zamzam Medical Centre in Ngong town. Unlike the UK where I am from, I get much more hands on experience. So far, I’ve learnt how to look for malaria parasites following a phlebotomy (drawing blood),

Appreciating Kenya

First I’m going to say that I’m so thankful for this volunteer opportunity, it’s given me such an authentic Kenya experience. Getting to live and work in communities completely different to what I’m used to, getting to live like a Kenyan with bucket showers, hand washing clothes, squat toilets, fresh Kenyan food and so much

Community in Kenya

This week I went on house tours of some of the children who attend The Hope Centre’s school and food program, and I was shocked at how small the living quarters were. These children all come from rough homes, from having alcoholic parents to having mothers that bring home different men every night to living


This week I started at Mutuini Hope Centre, it’s a safe place for kids and vulnerable people. They have two classrooms so they’re considered a school instead of a Childrens home.  The children are currently on a school break and due to Covid restrictions they aren’t allowed to hangout here except for lunch, which is

Magical Kenya

My days in Kenya are over but I am filled with what the country has taught me.  The countries graciousness consumed me and I did find the poorer one was, the more they shared.  I learned the value of fresh food and what it meant to actually eat properly.  I started cooking for myself for

Working in a slum!

This week we were working outside Nairobi in Thika at Kiganjo primary school redoing a classroom for special needs children. Before going, I was picturing a Canadian-like classroom with electricity, lights, school supplies and books. The classroom had none of these. It was a tiny room with some broken windows, dirty walls and a stack

Why Kenya?

Hi! I’m Leah, I’m from Revelstoke, BC, Canada and I arrived in Kenya on Saturday, March 27th. It has been a life long goal of mine of volunteer abroad, coming from Canada my life has been full of privilege and safety. I’ll always remember travelling to third world countries with my family growing up and

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