All of us at Because ALL Children have at one time in our lives been an international volunteer ourselves, so we understand the questions you may have regarding your upcoming volunteer trip.

Do I need a Police Clearance Check to be able to volunteer with BACM?2020-12-04T14:41:27+00:00

This is mandatory in order to volunteer with BACM you have to submit a recent Enhanced Criminal Background Check. We understand that this can sometimes take time to receive so we recommend that you request this as soon as you are thinking about volunteering with BACM.

Do I need Travel Insurance to volunteer with BACM?2020-12-03T16:23:24+00:00

Yes travel insurance is mandatory for all people wanting to volunteer with BACM.

What happens after I apply?2020-12-03T16:23:36+00:00

After you apply you will be given access to all your program details, your travel plan booklet and we can start planning your volunteer experience together.

How far in advance should I apply?2020-12-03T16:23:46+00:00

You can apply for your volunteer program as soon as you know which program you would like to join. You can also apply if you don’t know which program you want to join, we can help you figure out which program is best suited for you.

Why are the fees for BACM so much lower than other volunteer companies?2020-12-05T09:14:38+00:00

Why not? At BACM our goal is to have volunteers come to Kenya and make a difference. Our fees are low because we do NOT have any paid employees and all of your fees go to your volunteer experience.

Can I sponsor a child while I am in Kenya, and can I meet them?2020-12-03T16:20:08+00:00

If you have interest in sponsoring a child’s education while you are in Kenya, we will gladly match you with a child. We recommend that you meet the child to make sure it is a compatible match for the both of you.

What if I want to change the program I signed up for while I am in Kenya?2020-12-03T16:25:16+00:00

If you are staying longer than 2 weeks we will help you to change your program. We think it is great to experience as much and as many different programs throughout Kenya while you are here.

Can I extend my time in Kenya if I want to and what is the cost?2020-12-03T16:19:23+00:00

We would be very happy to have you extend your time in Kenya and stay with us longer. The cost to do this would depend on how much extra time you would like to add to your stay.

Are there exciting things to see and do on my free time?2020-12-03T16:25:46+00:00

Yes! Of course coming to Kenya, if it is your first time you have to go on a Kenyan Safari. There is also hiking if you enjoy outdoor adventures. We have a travel guide here for you (link to it on page) and we are here to help you plan anything you would like to do.

How much of my fees does BACM Keep?2020-12-03T16:25:59+00:00

None! We use your fees to pay your homestay to feed and care for you, your transportation and your placement.

What kinds of food will I be given at my homestay or volunteer house?2020-12-03T16:26:23+00:00

You will be eating traditional Kenyan foods, which can include Rice, Beans, Ugali and Chepatti. There are many amazing restaurants a round Nairobi and the surrounding areas that you are welcome to go to if you so want to.

Where will I stay?2020-12-03T16:26:37+00:00

You will either be staying in a volunteer house or in a homestay with a local Kenyan family.

Will I be picked up at the Airport when I arrive?2020-12-03T16:26:51+00:00

One of our team members will be waiting at the airport for you to arrive.

Are there certain clothing not suitable for Kenya?2020-12-03T16:27:10+00:00

Yes! While you are volunteering your knees and shoulders are always to be covered, this is out of respect for the teachers, students, and children you will be volunteering with. While you are out and about the city you are free to wear whatever you are comfortable wearing, however keep in mind that the women in Kenya dress conservatively, so wearing shorts will likely cause you some extra attention.

Is Kenya a safe country for single travellers?2020-12-03T16:27:20+00:00

Yes. Kenya is a very safe country to travel to alone, of course following the culture and way of life in Kenya will make you feel more comfortable as a traveller. Every country around the world has places and things not to do as a solo traveller and we make sure you know those when you arrive for your volunteering.

What vaccines do I need for Kenya?2020-12-03T16:17:13+00:00

You will need to have MMR, Yellow Fever, this can sometimes be hard to get depending on the supply in your city, you should also have TB, Typhoid, and Malaria Pills to take while in Kenya.

What city will I be flying into and what is the name of the airport?2020-12-03T16:27:33+00:00

You will be flying into Nairobi to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Do I need a Visa for Kenya?2021-03-10T13:17:54+00:00

A : Yes. Kenya does require all International travellers to have a visa to enter the country. You can apply for this online at https://immigration.ecitizen.go.ke/index.php?id=5 the fee is $52.00 US dollars and must be paid for in US Currency. You can apply for a tourist visa for up to 90 days and if you need an extension we can help you to get that.

Why do I have to pay to volunteer? We know it seems odd to think that you want to help and give back in a meaningful way, so why are there fees involved?2020-12-03T16:27:51+00:00

A : Your volunteer fees are for you accommodation, food, transportation and 24/7 in country care. If you think about going on a vacation you either choose an all inclusive hotel or you book a hostel, we take all the guesswork out of your planning and you get to volunteer at the same time.

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