Hi! I’m Leah, I’m from Revelstoke, BC, Canada and I arrived in Kenya on Saturday, March 27th. It has been a life long goal of mine of volunteer abroad, coming from Canada my life has been full of privilege and safety. I’ll always remember travelling to third world countries with my family growing up and seeing the poverty, uncertainty and hardships of these peoples everyday lives. I’d always end up going home after these trips wanting to do to something to help but I never knew how I could.

This past year was extremely hard for me, like many others, and I found myself in a deep and dark hole, grieving what I thought my early twenties should be and how they were taken away from me (I can be dramatic). I was studying Humanities at school and learning amazing things, but I craved hands on learning rather than online school. I dreamt about volunteering all year but didn’t know where to start, or how to make it happen.

It was actually my Dad who suggested that I reach out to Deanne about volunteering, we’re from the same town and he knew her from her fundraisers around Revelstoke. So I checked out the website, looked at all the amazing programs that she’s set up and read the blog (I instantly started to feel my heart race with excitement) so I sent her an email, she got back to me immediately, we set up a Zoom call and Bam! We clicked right away, everything she was saying I resonated with and believed in and made my mind up right then and there that this was my time to volunteer.

Fast forward and here I am! I have a three month visa to start off with and my goal is to work in childrens homes with children who need love, attention and time! I’ll be writing weekly blogs updating on what I’ve learnt and how important it is to get out and donate your time, be that in your current community or abroad. Thanks for reading!