People aren’t always what they seem, what you see on the outside is usually quite the opposite of what a person is actually dealing with on the inside.  I am a perfect example of this. So many people see me and see only what I want them to see, the smiles, the good things in life, I never want people to see the bad!  The bad that I sometimes see is scary and not worth talking about, I much prefer to focus on the good in the world.

I am a normal person just like everyone else, I have had my own share of struggles and hard issues to deal with and get through, but I was never alone with this. I always have had amazing friends and family around me to support me in whatever way possible.  

The women living in the prisons in Kenya aren’t lucky like I am, they might have a small support system in place but its not enough!  Seeing this firsthand and seeing how they interact with the prison guards and have adjusted to life in prison has opened my eyes to a completely different world.  A world that I have always wondered about and been curious about but never had the courage to venture into their world.  

I am glad that I finally took that first step into their world of imprisonment.  They aren’t much different then you or I, they want the same things, to be happy, live a fulfilling life and give back to society, they have just taken a side road in doing this.  

Between 70% and 80% of the women in prison in Kenya are there for petty crimes, the most common being child neglect, and before you stop reading at this point and get angry, you need, we all need, to understand what child neglect is exactly.  

“It is when the mother leaves her child at home alone”, this is mostly done in cases where they don’t have any food to eat and she needs to go find them something to eat.  So how do you feed your child when you live in a 3rd world country with no support system or help of any kind, and then get tossed in jail for trying to do the right thing??  It is so hard to understand and comprehend when I have lived a life of never feeling hungry, neglected or alone in this big huge world of ours.

I feel very lucky to have been able to meet these women and get a glimpse into what their lives are like, and yes I know that some of them are in prison for murder and robbery and some really bad crimes, and they deserve to be there, but who am I to cast judgement on any of these women when I have never lived the lives they have?