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We are 1 year old today!

When I think back over the past year and how I was against having an NGO I can actually laugh out loud.  I feel proud of our amazing board members located all over the globe and in Kenya, I am very thankful to them all for all of their support and how they each contribute

One child at a time…

Human Trafficking happens in many different ways, it could be a girl sold by their parents at the age of 9 to feed and support the other family members, it could be the street child who ran away from an abusive home only to find themselves homeless and being forced to beg and give all

Bolt of reality!

I don’t know why I am shocked or even surprised!  I know I am naive, always have been and probably always will be.  Maybe it’s because I always want to see the good in the world, maybe its because I grew up wanting for nothing, food, shelter, love, affection, education and a whole lot of

A glimpse into their world

People aren’t always what they seem, what you see on the outside is usually quite the opposite of what a person is actually dealing with on the inside.  I am a perfect example of this. So many people see me and see only what I want them to see, the smiles, the good things in

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