As we stated in March our volunteer programs are unfortunately “on hold” for the time being.  As soon as we receive word from the Kenyan Government that we are able to accept volunteers again we will be welcoming all of you.

COVID-19 is just now hitting us in Kenya, with a total of 303 confirmed cases, 14 deaths AND 14 recovered.  Kenya has been dealing quite well with it here, markets are now closing, hand sanitizer, masks and gloves are mandatory if you do choose to leave your home, which is not recommended for the time being.

Schools as of today are still closed, for our sponsors of children as soon as we are told they are able to go back we will inform you all.  Thank you so much for all that you do for these children giving them an education is a gift that they or us will never be able to repay, except by showing you with their successes!

We have been continuing to do our Street Feeding Program with permission and supervision by the Kenyan Police, we are thankful to have their support during this difficult time for everyone especially the children and adults living life on the street.  Thank you to everyone who has donated, you have all enabled us to be able to continue this program and try to combat hunger and more danger for these people.

We are hopeful this all ends soon, and things in Kenya and around the world can return to “normal”!  Thank you for your continued support and encouragement during this time of uncertainty, it is invaluable to all of us at Because ALL Children Matter.