I don’t normally share stories like this one I am about to, but I feel that the sickening injustice of this needs to be put out there.  To anyone who takes the time to read this, thank you!   Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Being in Kenya and seeing firsthand the brutality the police force use here is heart wrenching.  The police brutality has always been bad here, not just since the Black Lives Matter movement started, people here are afraid of the police, very very afraid, I have seen this with my own two eyes!  As a white female of “privilege” I do get treated differently and this drives me nuts,  its not fair nor is it right!  

The people living on the streets are some of the worlds most vulnerable in any country around the world, they are also the ones who get mistreated the worst in Kenya!  They have no homes to go to but being out after curfew (7pm due to COVID) still gets them tossed in jail, beaten and even worse.  Just this past week Michelle (a street girl we have been working closely with) was out after curfew, the police chased her and others, during this chase and subsequent beating her baby was killed.  Her baby was only 2 weeks old and didn’t deserve to have her life taken away before it even got started.  

When we got the call that this had happened it sent me spiralling for 2 days,  I cried for one whole day, then the anger and frustration sets in and I rant and rant at no one really just at the injustice of this all! I can’t stop thinking about how horrible Michelle must be feeling to lose her tiny baby this way, feeling that I didn’t do enough to help save a life.  So many thoughts run through my head when really bad things happen for no reason at all, other than a person in a position of power thinks they can do whatever they want.  

Seeing things in person in a country where I as a white person am the minority but still get treated as if I matter more than others, doesn’t make any sense to me and its not right.  I don’t understand how as a world racism is still alive and going strong, I don’t understand why the protests have to turn into riots with more people dying everyday, I don’t understand why we as adults cannot band together to teach the children of today right from wrong!!!  I may never understand any of this but I know that being in Kenya, doing the best I can as a human being is the least I can do!!