Human Trafficking happens in many different ways, it could be a girl sold by their parents at the age of 9 to feed and support the other family members, it could be the street child who ran away from an abusive home only to find themselves homeless and being forced to beg and give all the money they have collected to an adult, it could be the young girl or boy who is kidnapped and sold into human trafficking unknowingly, it could be the child who starts talking with someone they believe is a “friend” online and boom they have disappeared!!  

I met one such girl just yesterday her name is Rosilla, she was 9 years old when she was cut and sold to a 40 year old man to be his 2nd wife.  She actually lived in his home as his 2nd wife for one week before she was rescued by the Girls Foundation in Samburu County.  She is now 16 years old in school, form 2 which is grade 11 and doing very well.  Her dream is to move back to her home and educate the young girls about forced marriage and FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), she is smart and beautiful and will succeed at her dream.

Unfortunately her story is not unlike many others that I am told by these women and girls. The difference is that she was rescued and saved from a life that she never had a say in.  These young girls don’t want to be sold and married off at such young ages, they aren’t given a choice, their voices become mute, and they feel like they just don’t matter as human beings.  

It is hard for me to know that this happening to so many young girls!!!  How can you change a 100 years of culture???  By educating them!  Education is the key to ending this and all other crimes against girls, women and children around the globe.  By giving them education and showing them that they matter as human beings is one of the best gifts one of these children could ever be given.  

During my recent trip to Samburu I met so many young girls who had been rescued from a life they didn’t ask for and don’t want.  These girls are the lucky ones, there are so many more out there that we don’t know about, they are being hidden in dark houses, trapped in basements, tied up, forced into sex slavery, forced to give up their children, pregnancies resulting from rape…yes it is rape…it is always rape for these children, they didn’t ask for it nor do they want it!!

We need to stand up for these children…be their voices…so their voices and stories can be told one day and potentially save another child from the horrific world of Human Trafficking!!!