Because ALL Children Matter is a Non-Government Organisation (non-profit) focused on at risk children. The child’s safety is our number one priority and we do not want to risk further ex-ploitation of a child. As a result, photos of children waiting for sponsors will not be listed on the website. We strive to carefully match each family with a child and once approval has been made, photos and contact with the child will be given.


There are currently up to 60,000 children living on the street in Nairobi, according to the consortium of street children (CSC) Kenya. These children women and their babies are living life on streets due to death, poverty and neglect, they are facing possible jail, starvation, health problems, and beatings daily along with being at a very high risk for exploitation.


By supplying food, blankets, water, diapers, sanitary pads and clean clothing to these women, babies and children living their harshest of lives on the streets of Nairobi we are giving them reprieve from having to beg for money or food, and can take the risk out of being beaten for at least a couple of days.  This is not a long term solution but it is helping and they have come to rely on all of us to help survive even for one more day.

September 2019 to September 2020

Street Feedings
Street Rescues
Sanitary Pads

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