Project Description

On this teaching program you will be teaching children under the age of 4 who live in Prison with their mothers.   In Kenya the women in prison keep their children with them until they reach 4 years of age, so the prisons have schools for these children to be able to learn while they are living there.  You will be assisting the local Kenyan teacher with daily tasks for these children, that could be from setting up the classroom, to playing with them, helping with lunch time and basic pre-primary teaching skills.  

SAFETY – It is safe!

Yes you will be in the prison alongside some women who are living their lives in prison due to petty crimes.  You will never be alone with any prisoner at any time, you will always be with the guards while you are at the prison.  You will not be living in the prison you will only be going there to volunteer for 4 hours a day Monday – Friday. 


  • Have an open mind and be willing to see life with a new set of eyes
  • Have some experience working with children, babysitting will be acceptable
  • Be prepared to commit to a minimum of 4 weeks volunteering
  • Be self motivated and goal orientated


Education and socializing is vital for young children living under such challenging circumstances. Being able to support children and their mothers this way is a gift that cannot be measured.

Our Goal

Our main goal for this program to be able to assist the local Kenyan teachers as they are alone with any number of children at anytime.  Since these children live in the prison they very rarely leave the prison, they are very wary of strangers.  On this program we would like for the children to be able to form social skills that they are not getting living in the prison without heir mothers.


  • Safari in Kenya, visit the beautiful beaches of Mombasa and feed some Giraffes
  • Learn to speak Swahili from the children you are helping
  • Have fun while spending time with these children
  • Gain valuable experience volunteering with these children
  • Make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime

Volunteering in Kenya is the most memorable experience of my lifetime!


  • A volunteers work day on this project will generally last between 4 and 6 hours and while we ask all volunteers to be flexible in this regard, a typical daily schedule is likely to go something like this:
  • 7:00 – 7:30am Breakfast at the volunteer house
  • 7:30 – 8:00am Walk or bus to your project site
  • A tea break and lunch break will be fitted in during the day, but often the timing of breaks will change based on the needs of the local staff and number of volunteers on hand.
  • 3:30pm Walk or bus back to the accommodation
  • Evenings Volunteers are free to explore the local area, check out the markets and shopping or just hangout.